American Dirt Delivery is owned by Jerry Surber III, a third-generation dirt aficionado who got his start in the motocross industry. His grandfather, Jerry Sr., founded multiple motocross tracks in Texas and promoted races in the Astrodome. His father, Jerry Jr., raced motocross professionally. Jerry grew up watching his dad race and playing with the industrial tractors used to maintain his grandfather’s tracks. His favorite machine was (and still is) the front-end loader, which he started driving when he was nine years old. Ever since then, he’s been moving dirt and loving it. 


Jerry founded Texas Dirt Delivery for two reasons: 

Number 1: He loves dirt. Fill dirt, topsoil, and beyond — he knows his stuff. 

Number 2: He wants to provide services with integrity and dependability. 


Jerry learned the hard way that trustworthy dirt delivery services are hard to come by when he went to work for a friend who was selling dirt. He realized the owner was happily pocketing customers’ money and only making good on half his promised deliveries. About five days after starting to question everything, Jerry left the company with thousands of dollars missing from his own account due to hot checks. His frustration drove him to start his own business, and Texas Dirt Delivery is the result. With the help of Javier, his sales manager, Jerry hopes to elevate his industry with professionalism and care. 

Texas Dirt Delivery is rooted firmly in trustworthy practices and maintains exceptional transparency and dependability at all times. Our reviews are real, our phone number won’t change, and we go the extra mile to provide white-glove service. It’s our privilege to serve clients in Houston, Dallas, Denver, Sacramento with quality dirt delivery services, and we’d love to serve you. Get in touch for affordable, quality topsoil and fill dirt delivery today!

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